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Downloadable and Editable PDFs

This section will take you to downloadable contracts, orders and other forms appropriate for use in our mediation cases.


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McLeod ADR Downloadable Contract for Service

Mediation Confirmation Form - Civil

Mediation Confirmation Form - Family Law

Review cases & research Alabama & Georgia Law


This section provides a history of mediation cases, Alabama and Georgia law and other materials applicable to provisions in laws of these states.


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Mediation Confidentially Statute

Alabama Mediation Cases

Georgia ADR Rules

Official Code of Georgia Law

A Primer on Mediation in Alabama

Mediation Tips

Top 10 Barriers & Top 10 Techniques to Settlement

The Evolution of the Opening Statement in Mediation


View vital mediation information

This selection provides links to other source material related to Alabama law and resources related to mediation training we believe is useful and interesting.


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American Abritration Association

American Bar Association on Dispute Resolution

Alabama Center for Dispute Resolution