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Do you want your personal business spread all over the county or be the talk of the town? Our private Mediation allows you to resolve your business or personal issues in an appropriate  confidential setting. By law nothing discussed can leave the conference.  Call McLeod for details.. There is no charge for our initial telephone consultation.


In the ever changing and complex field of law, Alternative Dispute Resolution has quickly become an effective and efficient solution to modern judicial complications. With court calendars bulging in most jurisdictions, over burdened judges, and ever rising expenses, mediation has become key in alleviating these difficulties. There is a reason jurisdictions throughout Alabama and the U.S. have now made this practice mandatory, as it is proven to be an invaluable asset in speeding along the process of justice.


This proven process for dispute resolution insures efficient, effective and successful results, saving time, stress, money and possible embarrassment. 


"I have known Kennedy McLeod for over 30 years, throughout the length of his practice in Atlanta, Georgia. As a retired attorney with over 40 years experience as a litigator in Atlanta, Georgia in the areas of corporate law, securities, and investment related disputes, I am very familiar with his reputation as an attorney and as a person. I have had the opportunity to observe first hand both his legal skills and interpersonal skills. I have referred numerous cases to Kennedy, including my own family members. 


In my experience as an arbitrator for the National Association of Securities Dealers (the "NASD"), the New York Stock Exchange (the "NYSE"), the American Stock Exchange, the American Arbitration Association (the "AAA"), and FINRA, I have participated in hundreds of arbitrations. I know Kennedy to have the legal and interpersonal knowledge and skills to effectively and successfully conduct arbitration proceedings and to guide the parties through continuous mediation proceedings so as to reach a successful conclusion and agreement.


Kennedy's character is impeccable and there is nothing I would not trust him with."



                      - Marion Smith, II

                                           Attorney at Law, retired 

"I have referred numerous cases to Kennedy, including my own family members."


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